"The ability of the face to change from one expression to the other to depict one’s mood really inspires me in my art. The various features on the face such as the eyes, mouth, cheeks are able to change within a moment due to one’s mood. Without one necessarily speaking or acting, a person can easily get the information the subject is sending. This unique and incredible ability of the face inspired me to do portraits..."

"I fell in love with the features on the face as I got to study them critically in the various facial expressions. I fell more in love with the eye and its unique features; the pupil, eyelashes and eyebrows."

"I wondered how the eyes alone could even tell a whole story."

Anthony Kwakwa Jr. is 22 years of age. He is a Ghanaian-born artist and a student at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, where he reads B.A. communication design.