With curtainstrip tied Bel her besom loose
along her neck, from sink to clonus washed
within her shed, without her eldritch bail-
iwick a taper hind each leaf. Her leech,
the last, arrived and left, said for the last,
from basket took a boiled egg, her last:
deponents gone like Proctor left to god
the heter'clite to cavitate the bore
uncavitated: simple ontogen.
On Main forenoon amorts the drugstore paced
with tickets. Others howdied Bel inside
the Bakery and spoke beneath their hands
as coteries in school had. Mrs. Reed
had left a spaceheater, a note: One Month.

Joseph Harms' fiction and poetry have appeared or will be appearing in Boulevard, The Alaskan Quarterly Review, IthacaLit, Out of Our, Poydras Review, Red Ochre Press, Lines+Stars, SPECS, The American Dissident, Bad Idea, The Ann Arbor Current and Writing Conference, Inc.. He is currently seeking a publisher for his sonnet series Bel, as well as seeking representation for his novel Cant.