The lullaby my
mother never hummed
in my infant ears
come and look for me
fall from your country
limbs and float upward
from life’s daffodils
painting my skies two
shades of gray then blue
don’t just stop and stare
view my cross briefly
walk your vicious dogs
along dirt roads to
nowhere near but truth
where Madame C. J.
Walker laid her head
in the hands of time
for anointing’s sake
queen of a dirty
South, keeper of dreams
traveling this road
of freedom from hell
to glory’s yonder
this outdated place
abandoning songs
babies, souls, and kings
denying reigns of
royal lineages
born to bear burdens
and fruit for replenishing
a barren Eden
for restoring heirs
to theocracies
where creeds lead the way
to every good and precious
thing concerned with men
who matter more than idols
care or care to fathom

Latorial Faison is an American military spouse, mother, professor, poet, and author of eight books: flesh, Love Poems, Secrets of My Soul, Immaculate Perceptions, Kendall's Golf Lesson, and the trilogy collection 28 Days of Poetry Celebrating Black History. This UVA and Virginia Tech. grad has been published in About Place Journal, Poetry Quarterly, Southern Women's Review, ChickenBones, Kalyani, Stars and Stripes, and elsewhere. Visit her official website at