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"What does it mean to move? Through time, through space, from place to place?"


"So—let X be natural disasters, bent consonants, activism, all kinds of history—geological, alternative, personal—all in excess of any one theme we could think of. Let X be excess."


"Our hearts and bodies keep on asking the same old questions anyway, such as, am I safe? Am I loved? Am I home yet?"


"It is a departure of people from a place, but also from time. Those two, time and space, are inextricably linked. We can never go back to our childhood homes and say, yes, this is my house, because it is not your house. Your room is now the storage room where the current residents keep their collection of doll houses."


"Shining light on complexity creates a space for hope to emerge from the dark corners."


"Exploring what it means to be at home in the world."


"This year we cross continents, generational divides, break apart racial binaries, remember silenced histories, empower ourselves through community, love, and even grapple with extra-human strength."