You tattooed invisible ink
On my heart
I'm a loose leaf page
Moving comatose through the universe
Since that painful night in April I scrape the feelings
Off occupied fingers
Begging for what you gave me
The spirit of yesterday
Tasted impeccable on my palms
The scent of successful musk
Rummaged through my lips
I've fallen from that place
The horizon gets farther away
Each time I mute my ears
I'm motionless on this roller coaster ride
You beckon me to you
Through all the memories
I wonder if you know
Your skin is still close to me
I survive on your photographs
Dawn and dusk look like
Identical twins
Parallel in the moment
We were a movement
Serene energy & laughter & life
I painted your words in my head
Your song still brushes through me
I laugh like everything's lovely
A sunflower with eagle wings
Yet I'm a windmill
That's windless
In a wonder woman cape
I connect the love of you
To everything romantic & active in me
Bridging two lives into this solid moment
And I realize... I need you to touch me
Allow me to break the ice and connect our thoughts
To motivate my pen to move
These toes to arch toward something new

About the Poet

Celest Divine Ngeve (poet, community activist, teacher, author, spoken word artist, Athens, GA native) writes about everything: truth love, pain, struggle, children, motivation, humanity. She's authored two self-published books of poetry; You Don't Know Me and Butterfly Revolution, and released a spoken word cd, Wisdom Pimpin'. She will release her sophomore cd, REAListically SPEAKing in May 2009. She's a memeber of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. and can be contacted at