Four thousand years ago, Egyptians developed the first diagnostic test to detect a unique substance in the urine of both women and domesticated animals. Perhaps the most famous Egyptian pregnancy test is the germination test which involves the female urinating onto bags of wheat and barley. —

She conjured her lover risen outside of her
but everything else was false.
She was riotous or rather she released his child's scream
upon her child's eye and
it could be anything.
That is to not say she was the minnow
dancing gifts of worm so he would taste
a taste of

that is her mission: the boy is riding
so he can be mined for a gold piece.
A gold piece would be muddied brown abstraction.
A knobby rock she'll kiss on his head
and dispose of should love of

I was a boy. I was a boy
but on my boy I knew my sister's tenderness.
She swallowed me to feel it
for when can she consume me, the canticle, the muslin mistake.
How has happened always
How I tremble as if to listen to the falcons at hunt.

This is one song - Isis changing wings
gunshot gold piece
fouling beyond the crust of corpse.

Though she pants instead of the "man."
I'm spying as she pees on the boy
with her satin panties that because of anything
spill or spell or sprawl.

That, of course, is the truth.

About the Poet

Raina J. León, Cave Canem graduate fellow (2006) and member of the Carolina African American Writers Collective, has been published in The Holly Rose Review, Bosphorus Art Project Quarterly, The Osprey Journal, Verdad Magazine, The Sixers Review, The Externalist, Minglewood, The Cherry Blossom Review, Natural Bridge, African American Review, OCHO, Spindle Magazine, Black Arts Quarterly, Poem.Memoir.Story, Womb, Boxcar Poetry Review, Salt Hill Journal, Xavier Review, MiPoesias, Torch, Poetic Voices without Borders, Gathering Ground: A Reader Celebrating Cave Canem's First Decade, Growing Up Girl: An Anthology of Voices from Marginalized Spaces, AntiMuse, Farmhouse Magazine, Furnace Review, Constellation Magazine, and Tiger's Eye Journal among others. Her first collection of poetry, Canticle of Idols, was a finalist for both the Cave Canem First Book Poetry Prize (2005) and the Andres Montoya Poetry Prize (2006) and is now available through Wordtech Communications. She has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize. She headed the High School Literacy Project at the University of North Carolina and is currently teaching Journalism and Spanish at an American high school in Germany.