River stones cracked by the sun,
Cover the ground with a rough coat of mail;
Dragon flies with translucent bodies,
Dazed by a boiling void,
Forget how to fly.

Clasping me to its bosom,
The white desert embraces me
            with its floating, nacreous arms;
The sky plaits itself into blood-oozing clouds,
The night, a kerchief, descends.

Perched on a withered branch,
A night owl screeches.
Loneliness, a feisty sister,
Summons me,
Urges me on.

About the Poet

Flavia Cosma is an award-winning Romanian-born Canadian poet, author and translator. She has a Master's degree in Electrical Engineering and studied Drama in Romania. She is also an award-winning independent television documentary producer, director, and writer. She is fluent in English, French, Romanian, and Spanish and produces original literary works and translations in all four languages. Flavia has published seventeen books of poetry, a novel, a travel memoir and five children's books. Her poetry book Leaves of a Diary was accepted in the University of Toronto E. J. Pratt Canadian Literature program as course material during the school year 2007-2008. Her translation of Burning Poems by George Elliott Clarke into the Romanian language was published in Romania in 2006. Her translation of Argentinean poet Luis Raul Calvo's work from Spanish into Romanian was published in 2009 under the title Nimic Pentru Aici, Nimic Pentru Dincolo. In 2008, Flavia Cosma was appointed International Affairs Chair for The League of Canadian Poets. She is a member of The Writer's Union of Canada, The Ontario Poetry Society, British Comparative Literature Association, and Writer's Union of Romania. She is the Director of the International Writers' and Artists' Residency, Val David, Quebec, Canada