Welcome to the 2015 issue of Mandala Journal. As a veteran of Issue X, I was deemed Editor-in-Chief for the 2015 issue. I was intimidated at first; these were peers I’d never known and never worked with. After two semesters with this small, but dedicated group, I feel I’ve made lasting friends, and hopefully Mandala will gain a few lasting staff members. Sometimes our meetings lasted 5 minutes, and sometimes they dragged out for a full hour. All year, the staff was present and aware, constantly pinging ideas and stories off of one another like an echo. It didn’t take long for us to settle on "Echoes" for this year's issue theme, a theme that focuses on resonance, barriers, consequences, and repetition. From repetitive noodle art to simplistic, but powerful, poetry dialogues, the new Mandala issue takes on a new identity, just as rewarding as the last. One of our contributors, Patricia Brooks, quotes Patrick Henry, "I know of no way of judging the future but by the past." These words are exactly what Mandala is all about.

—Nikki Smith, Editor-in-Chief