A BFA Candidate of Studio Arts, with an Emphasis in Photography, Ashaunni is an Athens-based photographer. Having worked with different media outlets, one of which being Spotted-Online Athens, she does not fit into one "style" mold of photography. Working heavily with seemingly outdated techniques, like that of the pinhole and the large format view camera, Ashaunni has found a unique way of depicting portraits. The image submitted, made with a handmade jewelry box pinhole camera, alludes to faded moments overlapping in time. . .if only we could see them all simultaneously.


What got you into photography? Are there any particular artists from whom you draw inspiration?

First, thank you all so much for reaching out to me with an interest in publishing my work. What got me into photography was the storytelling aspect that I love. Photos tell a thousand words, but those words are all based off of perspective. One person may get a complete different meaning from an image than another and that is completely okay.

It seems a lot of your work features different spots in Athens. What is your tie to this city? What are you hoping to portray by photographing it?

I don't know that my work really speaks to Athens, but my tie is really time. The majority of the last 5 years I've spent in Athens, whether it was school or working while the semesters were finished. My models tend to cater to an audience that empathizes to the in-between age, that of young and adult, because they can see themselves in the models.

Do you have a preference between film and digital? Why or why not?

Between digital and film, I'd pick film hands down. There is a quality of image you can only get with film that digital tries to mimic, but all film fanatics would know that there is no duplicate. Actually I really prefer pinhole and paper negative to all other photo processes. It's literally how it sounds: a camera with a hole the size of, say, a sewing pin, and you make images on paper. That is a time sensitive process. It's also the first photo class I took so there is some sentimental feelings I have to that old photo making process.

What artistic mediums beside photography do you enjoy working in?

Outside of photography, I love to write. Poems, short stories, anything. Last year I made a New Year Resolution challenging myself to writing one thing a day, whether it a word describing my mood or an essay detailing where I want to be in the future. It turned from being an obligation to being a habit so though I've finished the challenge, everyday I think about something I could write from the day. This semester I actually wrote and am coordinating my first large stage production so that is completely nerve wrecking and exciting at the same time.

About the Interviewer

Hannah is a sophomore majoring in English and minoring in studio art. She loves knitting while watching HGTV, reading with a cup of coffee, playing outside in  the summertime, and spending time with her lovely girl friends.