Where does my history begin
if my blood begins in another land
but my childhood begins here?

I adore the Maharajah’s
but I'm so very confused by Kashmir

I love William
who conquered this land of mine
but not so fond of the Tudors

If I met Gandhi what would I say?
Salaam or hey?
Would Gandhi smile
and then run
dhoti* in hand?

Winnie Churchill, sitting on his throne
eating his curry and rice
licking the sauce from his fingers
as I'm walking the other way
singing a prayer
for Murray to beat Federer

*a loose piece of clothing wrapped around the lower half of the body, worn by some men from South Asia (Cambridge dictionary)

Sofia Amina lives in Edinburgh, Scotland, where she eats toast, drinks tea and writes. Her work has recently appeared in Ink, Sweat and Tears, and London Grip. She was also a guest poet at Beattie & Scratchmann’s 2014 Edinburgh Fringe show 'Get Put Down' and Arren Sagar’s 'Hamjambo.' She's on the web at www.sofiaamina.com and on Twitter @sofiaamina_Poet.