A little confused
my prayers are in Arabic
a language I do not understand

So I searched and I found too many
all professing the truth
a shelf devoted to translations

Where do I begin?
And where will I end up?
This mind of mine
her own enemy
scrambling now like a coward
fearful of the path it must take

I break no laws
to pursue knowledge is virtuous
then please forgive me

My peace
My solace
is a rhythm that is my lullaby
a prayer in Arabic

A language I do not understand

Sofia Amina lives in Edinburgh, Scotland, where she eats toast, drinks tea and writes. Her work has recently appeared in Ink, Sweat and Tears, and London Grip. She was also a guest poet at Beattie & Scratchmann’s 2014 Edinburgh Fringe show 'Get Put Down' and Arren Sagar’s 'Hamjambo.' She's on the web at www.sofiaamina.com and on Twitter @sofiaamina_Poet.