When I was young
my father and I threw stones.
But these stones never skimmed lakes.
Rather, these stones were flung in Budapest,
toward invading Soviet tanks.

Truth be told, I wasn't thereā€”I wasn't even born.
But every year, sure enough, on October 23rd,
I will remember the time
in that dark, lonely alley in Budapest,
the one in which we were nearly hung.

I can feel the relief to be rescued;
to have the noose removed from 'round our necks.
Like David to Goliath,
I can see our arms at the ready;
stone projectiles waiting to be let loose.
In the end, we will have lost, but all the same,
I'll say, "Dad, I wish we could have won".

Apu, we never got to get back home,
back to Budapest.
Please look down from where you are,
and know that now, I'm just a stone's throw
from going back home.

István Lee Bodor is an Hungarian-American (Dual citizen) living in Southern California. He is in the last semester of nursing school with the County of Los Angeles. Most importantly, he's a proud father of three beautiful children.