Let's say how in night's darkness Kampala dashes
like a bashful bride on her wedding night
How buildings in the old Indian-style facade wave at you like old pals
Buildings that sit down along commercial roads and watch a con take place
Let's say how you get enveloped in the gold-leaf of security lamps
that keep watch over the city's stately scholars and omnipresent paupers
Let's say how orchestras of traffic flow through wonderstruck junctions
tugged at your heartstrings
how tuxedoed marabou storks gaze at you fearlessly
perched on various meticulously labelled exotic trees that dot select spaces,
how you inhale the lingering whiff of their pristine excrements
that spatter on the city's pavements
Let's say how angry graffiti jostle for space on walls of rundown buildings
forbidding intrusion
how empty trash-littered streets warn you to take flight
Let's mention its multiracial mix of people
some camouflaged by straw hats and safari boots and the skin colour of Africa
Let's mention the swanky restaurants, beaming bus parks, souvenir bazaars
and clustered banks and maiden malls and dreams' abattoirs.
Let's mention its untamed suburbs
grounds marshy with discarded ugali meal and rotting strings of sukuma wiki,
the air reeking of banana and goat and pork nyama choma and writhing
under the snarl of matatu engines and outdoor speakers blasting derelict Luganda
And when we talk about Nakasero and St Balikuddembe let's think the pandemonium
Of history's ultimate bazaars, breathing masses
Whose cells are stalls crammed full of second-hand clothes and spare parts,
Chains, detergents, matoke, DVDs; where a continuous cacophony
Of yells and radios and tuk-tuks  and muezzin's chants clogs the air.

Redscar McOdindo K'Oyuga (@RedscarMcOdindo) is a poet and writer and many other things. He studied Medicine & Surgery at campus. He writes in both Swahili and English. His work has been published in Lawino Magazine, Jalada, and Breaking Silence, an anthology of poems. His Swahili poems (mashairi) are weekly published in Taifa Leo and/or Taifa Jumapili, Kenya's nationwide Swahili Newspaper. He is a winner of the Fern Poetry Prize. His work has also appeared, or is forthcoming, in Kwani?, assorted newspapers and other poetry anthologies.