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Who we are

Mandala Journal is a student-run literary arts journal. It is published online and as a chapbook each spring by the University of Georgia's Institute for African American Studies.

More than that, for our editorial staff and contributors (and you too, we hope), Mandala is a certain sensibility. We are interested in work which is unpackaged, unsold, and unabstracted, rooted in time, space, and memory. We are interested in work which resists historical and political amnesia, which participates in the business of living, large and small, moving outward in widening circles. This is what we believe art and literature can be. We'll take our chances.

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What we do

We are a journal for poets, writers, artists, and thinkers who engage with issues of identity, culture, and politics. We are student-run, but we primarily publish non-students, and we welcome submissions from anyone, including you. Our open submissions period runs from October to February. Each issue is organized around a particular theme, and new issues launch in the spring. For more information about the theme, guidelines, and how to submit, please follow the link below.