Nikki Smith. editor-in-chief

Nikki is a third-year English major from the Germanic, tubing town of Helen, Ga.

Hannah Lawless. art managing editor

Hannah is a sophomore majoring in English and minoring in studio art. She loves knitting while watching HGTV, reading with a cup of coffee, playing outside in  the summertime, and spending time with her lovely girl friends.

Katherine La Mantia. poetry editor

Katherine is a third-year student at the University of Georgia majoring in comparative literature and English with an emphasis in creative writing. She spends her time reading Mandala submissions and drawing up plans for world domination. Don't worry. If you like cats, she'll make you nobility in her new world order.

Conner Bryan. creative nonfiction editor

Conner Bryan is an English and advertising major hailing from good ole Covington, Georgia. He believes in the sublimity of F. Scott Fitzgerald writings and Christopher Nolan movies.

Frannie Gordon. fiction editor/assistant editor

Frannie is an English major graduating in May. She hopes to go into the publishing world but would be equally happy riding unicorns through lush forests and (or) over rainbows while bestowing gold stars to all the land.

Khadija Dukes. social media editor

Khadija is a fourth-year magazines journalism and comparative literature double major. She is from Conyers, GA, and is currently the social media editor for Mandala Journal. Upon graduation she plans to attend graduate school.

Kim Tien Nguyen. cover design

Kim is a rising fourth-year advertising and psychology student. She has been published in the Mandala Journal and Stillpoint. Her biggest inspirations are her mom and Dana Scully.

Lindsey Harding. lead web developer

Lindsey will graduate from UGA in May with her Ph.D. in English. Her writing and research interests include fiction, rhetoric and composition, and digital humanities. Her stories have appeared in Spry Literary Journal, Prick of the Spindle, and Soundings Review. She lives in Athens, Georgia, with her husband and three small children. You can find her online at

Tareva Leselle Johnson. editorial staff

Tareva is a doctoral student in the English Department at UGA. A native of Fayetteville, North Carolina, she is a proud alumna of Columbia University. She is in the early stages of writing a dissertation that examines how transnationalism informs African American literature and black musical traditions in similar ways.

Jayke Hill. editorial staff

Jayke is a fourth-year English, Philosophy, and Comparative Literature Major. When he's not reading for class, he's probably petting puppies or reading about petting puppies. If you ever meet him, he'd appreciate it if you brought your pup and a big ol' cup of coffee.