Christine Juliette Pardue. editor-in-chief

Christine Pardue is a junior studying English and Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. She cares a lot about baking. She is (tentatively) planning to go to graduate school for social work and women's studies and would like for more universities to offer dual Master degrees in those fields, please. Thank you.

Andrew Blevins. fiction managing editor

Andrew Blevins is a senior studying English and Cognitive Science. He likes running, chess, and the OED and spends too much of his time staring blankly out of windows.

Molly Berg. nonfiction managing editor

Molly Berg is a junior from Norcross, Georgia, majoring in mass media arts and political science with a minor in comparative literature. In the past, she has edited for InfUSion magazine, Little Red Book magazine and Ampersand. When not working, she enjoys reading magazines and novels, biking in her neighborhood and getting coffee from Jittery Joe's.

Kyle Sandhage. poetry managing editor

Kyle Sandhage hails from Boston, Massachusetts, but has been living in Georgia for most of this past decade, is a senior at UGA, studying both Journalism and Philosophy. In his spare time he like to climb trees and listen to their secrets. Their horrible, terrifying secrets.

Mekisha Telfer. art managing editor

Mekisha Telfer is a junior at UGA studying English, with a concentration in creative writing, and French. In her free time she likes to read books, watch movies, and push boundaries by turning everything in as late as possible. She hopes to one day write something people will read. Maybe a blog.

Lindsey Harding. lead web developer

Lindsey Harding is a second-year Ph.D. student at The University of Georgia. Her writing and research interests include fiction, rhetoric and composition, and digital humanities. Her stories have appeared in Xenith, Wilderness House Literary Review, and Stray Dog Almanac. She lives in Athens, Georgia, with her husband and three small children.

Maggie Shawcross. events director

Maggie Shawcross is a third year student majoring English and Religion and minoring in Mathematics (girl's got to make a living).

Katie Dennison. staff

Katie Dennison is a third-year English and Spanish double major from Lilburn, Georgia. Despite it being ten years overdue, she still eagerly awaits her Hogwarts letter. She enjoys googling kittens, changing her major, and devouring literary works of all genres.

Tareva Johnson. staff

Tareva Johnson is a native of Fayetteville, NC. She has earned degrees from Columbia University and the University of Georgia. She is currently a first-year, doctoral student at UGA. Tareva likes the study of the role of transatlantic travel in African American literature, nail art, good meals, her favorite people, and whenever these things overlap and take place in the same space or at the same time. She likes the previous sentence.

Meghana Ramanathan. staff

Meghana Ramanathan is a student in Communication Sciences & Disorders with a minor in Linguistics. She is South Indian and grew up in Chicago, IL. Eventually, she wants to be a speech therapist / yoga instructor, and while she likes to meditate she sometimes falls asleep on accident when doing so.

Jess Wise. staff

Jess Wise is a fifth year undergraduate student double majoring in English and Women's Studies and minoring in Film Studies. In addition to Mandala, Jess works as a writer for the local humor publication, The Black Sheep. Some of her favorite things (other than Mandala, of course) include: bacon, blanket forts, fuzzy socks, and teacup pigs named Jasper.

Oriana Valencia. staff

Oriana Valencia is a third year world languages education and Spanish double major and Italian minor at the University of Georgia. She will help you rent a movie at the Main Library's Media Desk and will sell you a movie ticket at the Ciné box office. Do not try to get a student discount after you've graduated; she knows your tricks, and she will call you out.

Lori Keong. staff

A junior at the University of Georgia in pursuit of a dual degree in journalism and comparative literature, Lori Keong deals in Times New Roman and Cambria long into the early hours of the morning. A husky-voiced DJ and aspiring French waif who follows her horoscope more closely than the weather, you may find her on a brisk power walk around town, coffee mug in hand, chuckling at one of her bad jokes.

Andie Ashe. chapbook cover

Andie Ashe is a third year drawing major and sociology minor at UGA. She is a member of the African American Choral Ensemble (AACE), and a former ATHICA Intern. Her work has been featured in the Lamar Dodd 4th Annual Student Juried Show, on WUOG's website, and most recently in the 2013 issue of Stillpoint.

Madison Snelling. staff

Madison Snelling is a junior at UGA from San Antonio, Texas. She is currently pursuing English as her major and she hopes to go into publishing and editing after graduation. Her interests include reading, hiking, and attending concerts in her free time. Madison has a passion for music and literature and enjoys working on the staff of Mandala as it allows for a creative outlet for established, as well as aspiring, poets and writers. This is her first year on the Mandala staff.

Megan Nicole Dupre. graphics designer

Megan Nicole Dupre is a junior from Winder, Georgia, studying graphic design at UGA. She resides in Athens and has little planned for herself after graduation aside from doing what she loves and doing it well. She spends her free time wishing she were Pocahontas and spending an ungodly amount of money on