Christine Pardue. editor-in-chief

Christine will have a B.A. in English by the time you read this, God willing. She is from Cleveland, GA, birthplace of the Cabbage Patch Doll.

Meghana Ramanathan. submissions editor

Meghana is a senior undergraduate studying Communication Sciences & Disorders at the University of Georgia. She plans to attend graduate school in Chicago for Speech-Language Pathology. In addition to all things speech-y and language-y, she enjoys yoga, elephants, low maintenance plants, walking, and outdoors.

Hafmoon Cho. poetry managing editor

Hafmoon once saw a chicken roaming North Campus. Then she left Athens and only went back for Mandala meetings.

Katie Dennison. fiction managing editor

Katie is a fourth-year English and Spanish double major from Lilburn, Georgia. Despite it being ten years overdue, she still eagerly awaits her Hogwarts letter. She enjoys googling kittens, rocking out to the Spice Girls, and devouring literary works of all genres. After graduation in May, she is moving to New York with Teach for America.

Nikki Smith. art managing editor

Nikki is a second-year English major from the Germanic, tubing town of Helen, Ga.

Geetu Vailoor. nonfiction managing editor

Geetu is a fourth-year Grady student studying Digital Broadcast Journalism and minoring in dance and women’s studies. She sees the beauty and necessity of using artistic outlets to express and own one’s self and still create a strong community.

Lindsey Harding. lead web developer

Lindsey is a Ph.D. Candidate at The University of Georgia. Her writing and research interests include fiction, rhetoric and composition, and digital humanities. Her stories have appeared in Xenith, Wilderness House Literary Review, and Stray Dog Almanac. She lives in Athens, Georgia, with her husband and three small children. You can find her online at

Elizabeth Darkoa Agyakwa. editorial staff

Elizabeth is a second year Pre-business/Economics major with a minor in French. Born and raised in Ghana, she’s always loved art and has kept it as a hobby till this day. Being part of Mandala Journal allows her pursue her interests in Economics while increasing her appreciation for art.

Tareva Johnson. editorial staff

Tareva is a doctoral student and graduate teaching assistant in the English department at the UGA. She is a native of Fayetteville, North Carolina and a proud alumnus of Columbia University. In her doctoral studies, Tareva focuses on early American literature, African American literature, and transnational studies. Her diverse research projects include hip-hop culture, expatriates, and African nationalism among abolitionists.

Danielle Meinert. editorial staff

Danielle Meinert is a third-year student at the University of Georgia majoring in Advertising and English with a New Media Certificate. She is interested in the future of unique publishing companies, and in creating marketing strategies for nonprofits and startups. She likes bagels and you.

Maggie Shawcross. events director, editorial staff

Maggie is a fourth-year double major in English and Religion. For a living, she racks up student loans and makes mass quantities of food. You can see her on campus, writing a paper behind a stack of books, a bag of work clothes, and a large helmet. She does it all behind-the-scenes. She does it all for herself, and you.

Abi Lambert. graphic designer

Abi is a Mass Media Arts and Sociology double major. She is inspired by all things visual along with pin-up girls, video games, science fiction, alchemists, drag queens, the future, hot wings, 3D graphics, rockabilly, horror movies, art deco, Celtic symbols and patterns, the ocean, and latex.