We would like to thank Dr. Valerie Babb, Kendra Freeman, and the rest of the faculty and staff of the Institute for African American Studies who support us year after year. Dr. Andrew Zawacki and Jordana Rich make the University of Georgia a home for creative writing endeavors. Janet Geddis and Avid Bookshop are indispensable, to us and to the Athens community. Thank you, Avid, for hosting our launch party every year, and thank you to Rachel Watkins for being such a patient and kind hostess. Dr. Ed Pavlić opens doors. Chris Day and Stillpoint are the friendliest of rivals. Thank you to the Red and Black for free publicity. Lindsey Harding makes it happen.

And finally, we are grateful to our contributors and our readers, near and far. Thank you for joining the conversation.

—The Mandala Journal staff