Shadows in a field of wheat.
Shadows lying up against a skyscraper,
moving by not moving.
Equidistant to the oblique.
Elongated. Imprecise. Mocking.

And my shadow, cast over morning,
in search of itself, looking for something
misplaced in the long grass of day,
leaning toward the third dimension,
always at odds with light,
with the sources of light and its direction.

An army of shadows building a night,
making shapes out of obliteration.
Consumed by oblivion.

Bruce McRae, a Pushcart nominee, is a Canadian musician with over 900 poems published internationally, including, Rattle, and The North American Review. His first book, The So-Called Sonnets, is available via Silenced Press and Amazon. To see and hear more poems visit 'BruceMcRaePoetry' on YouTube.