what's repressed
          flows through desert, imagining

not exactly happy, still, maybe happier
not exactly content
          holding awareness of the earth's wretched
not exactly satisfied, though not self-satisfied or smug
not exactly fulfilled, though fulfilling some charge
not quite scorched, but maybe sunburned

          in the Holy Way

absorbed, yes, in a line of work unfolding
delighted, yes, by the stages of fruiting
ecstatic, yes, when the breeze purls
sanctified, yes, apart from the masses
rewarded, yes, at the table

          in the Holy Way
I distrust anyone who is consistently happy
          always content
or always touting the party line
or always on the prowl for more possessions
or sheltered from the earth's wretched
or lost in self-generated loving

we have found
salvation does not make everything easier
but harder

the way infants enter a family
or perish

beware, the rocky river
floods in early springtime
but proves useless later

          in the Holy Way

About the Poet

Jnana Hodson's chapbook, Harbor of Grace, was issued in August 2012 by Fowlpox Press. The author of two published novels, he blogs at Jnana's Red Barn.