You got any corn and weenies? We're feeshin.
Fishin. Fishing. Do what now? Got any corn
      and weenies? You didn't catch nothing? Bluegill.
You want to get you a chair, honey? Well, I
      was just gonna get me some corn and weenies
if you got any, Mamaw, I guess he's waitin' on me.
      Do what now? Corn and weenies, like canned
corn. Honey I don't know if there's any or not, I can
      go to the kitchen and look.
                                                       Cream style,
will that do? I don't know if we could use that
      or not, I think what he wants's them whole kernels,
something to stick over a hook. Oh, y'all ain't
      gonna eat it? No, Mamaw, it's to fish with. Well
you want me to fix you something? No, Mamaw, I— Sit
      and eat something, honey. No, I better run,
you know your son, he's liable to throw a fit
      me leavin' him alone this long.

About the Poet

After working as a carpenter in Kentucky, Louisiana, and Ohio, Eric Schwerer earned a PhD in Creative Writing from Ohio University. Prior to that, he received an MFA from The University of Iowa Writers' Workshop. Schwerer has taught poetry to people recovering from mental illness and is an Associate Professor in the Program in Creative and Professional Writing at the University of Pittsburgh-Johnstown. He is the author of two books of poetry, The Saint of Withdrawal (2006) and Whittling Lessons (2005). His poems have been published in many literary journals, including Prairie Schooner, NOR, Paper Street, Fence, The Journal, Diagram, Third Coast, Quarter After Eight, The Laurel Review, Poems & Plays, Elixir, and Cumberland River Review.